When I discovered Esperanto in my childhood, the desire to develop my own languages grew inside of me. Over the years I invented phonologies, writing systems and languages.

Oligosynthetic languages

A special interest of mine are oligosynthetic languages. These are engineered languages that only have a limited and fixed set of basic words. Those words are used to form all the words of that language.

Conlang ressources

In the last years the number of online ressources for building your own languages has drastically increased, which I find a wonderful thing. During the last years, I have worked on several topics. This also lead to collecting ressources that other conlangers might find useful. Her they are:

Building a basic vocabulary

What I found hardest to find was a comprehensive, but not too long list of basi words that allow you to create a large vocabulary. You can see that this problem is linked to the idea of an oligosynthetic language.

I've spent hours and hours putting together basic word lists. You can download these lists and use them freely. The file is composed of several tables with growing size. So check out the different tables!

Collection of basic word lists: Word Lists Ressource

Examples of phoneme inventories

Another question that has kept me busy was the following: What does an average and/or easy to pronounce phoneme inventory look like?

I have collected some phoneme inventories of different conlangs (Esperanto, Lidepla, Nonlen), phonetical alphabets (Interbet by Vitaly Vetash and the IPA) of other conlangers, and added some inventories of my own. You'll find the result in the pdf-file below.

Phoneme inventories.pdf