The languages I speak

I've grown up in Luxembourg, which made me a natural polyglot. My first language was Lëtzebuergesch - the national language of Luxembourg. Actually it's a Moselle Franconian dialect of German, but as there is a country and a proud people, it is considered a language. There are several Luxembourgish radio and tv channels, Luxembourgish books, and an official ortography. So never tell a Luxembourger he's only speaking German! :-)

I've learnt German mainly by watching German tv, and later on in school. As I've lived in Germany for more than ten years, it's my "strongest" language. I think it's a very precise language very apt to express philosophical or psychological ideas.

At the age of eight I started to learn French, which I understand quite well, but I'd need some practice to speak it more fluently.

At secondary school I learnt English, Latin and Russian. My English is pretty good, I sometimes have problems understanding tv series, but I am fine with written scientific stuff. My Russian on the other hand has never been to fluent, but it's good enough to understand some bits of everyday communication.

When I was about fourteen I started to teach myself Esperanto, which I understand quite well. It's always a pleasure to meet people who speak Esperanto (Esperantistoj), but I do not participate in regular meetings. If you like languages, learn Esperanto! It's easy to learn, and it has a surprisingly high cultural output.

The languages I have invented

Shortly after beginning to study Esperanto I've also started conlanging - the art of contructing your own language (and everything related to it, like writing systems, music, invented cultures,...). First I thought I was one of very few people who have such a strange hobby, but when I discovered the internet, I found out that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who are engaged in inventing their own languages. It's a weird hobby, I have to admit, and sometimes quite autistic, but it's a lot of fun too!

On this page you will find information about my invented languages.

The first entry is Nonlen, an attempt to design an easy to learn but complex language.