The Lord's Prayer

I have tried to keep this translation of the Lord's Prayer as close to the Latin version as possible. That's why I have given a more literal English translation as well.

Our Father
parent-man of-much-me
Manan demumi

Our Father who you are in Heaven,
parent-man of-much-me which you place heaven
Manan demumi, ke tu lo tan,

Hallowed be your name.
must passive-hold-high name of-you / must passive-holy name of-you.
bi johunbonso non detu / bi josant non detu.

Your reign come.
must to-future time-control of-you.
Bi difu tenkon detu.

Your will be, in heaven as on earth.
noun-want of-you must exist and in heaven and on earth
Luyau detu bi xi, he ne tan he xan pon.

Give us our daily bread today.
focus eat-cereal adjective-day must give patient much-me this-day
Bau mangun hadai bi da mumi tidai.

And take away our debts,
conjunction-and take-far noun-must-give-back of-much-me
Junhe teya lubidare demumi,

As we forgive the others.
conjunction-similar much-me take-far-must-give-back patient much-person-other
Junsinti mumi teyabidare pai murencen.

And do not lead us to temptation,
conjunction-and must not make-go much-me to try-do-bad / temptation
Junhe bi bu mefau mumi di rindunhu / temtasion

But free us from evil.
conjunction-opposite make-opposite-have much-me focus ity-bad
Junna menayo mumi bau conhu.

Because belong to you the reign, the power and the glory,
conjunction-cause passive-have patient you focus time-control, and can-control, and ity-light
Junkau joyo pai tu bau tenkon, he kenkon, he conxai,

In all the future,
in future all
Ne fu do,

So be it!
must exist
Bi xi!