Public transport - Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr

Since I've come to Berlin, I've fallen in love with - public transport. I agree, it's kind of a strange love, but I have it, and believe me or not, I'm having a lot of fun using public transport in my home town and in other cities, thus discovering cities, their people and their places. And I've actually made some friends celebrating this hobby.

If you have never sat in a tramway or a metro, it's difficult to describe the feeling. But when you've used it, and understood the system, it can be a very satisfying experience.

My greatest passion are tramways, also called streetcars,light rail or simply trams. For me it's the nicest way of transport, because you can "float" through a city, see much of it, stations are near to where you need to go, and seeing rails on the streets, you always see, where trains go. These reasons and many more certainly got many cities rediscovering this classic medium of transport all over the world.

Here are some links to great sites about public transport.


Robert Schwandl's great site of ALL the world's metros (subways, undergrounds). Robert spent years of free work to collect information, photos, network diagrams and much more about the metros in the world.
He has recently started to expand the site to the tram networks as well, and is keeping data up to date.


Johannes Bouchain's site about urban planning, including a collection of invented cities. He has also written an important essay about the advantages of tramways. If you look well, you can find some of my works too.