Writing systems for Nonlen

Over the course of years I have developed several different writing systems for Nonlen.

1. The Nonlen alphabets

There is a cursive alphabet, based on the same system as digital clock displays:

There are two additional forms, the first one has more rounded forms of the basic letters, the second one is a curive/handwriting form of the alphabet.

2. The Nonlen phonetic alphabet

To be able to write words of the big world languages adequately, I have developed additional letters to the basic alphabet.

The following links contain the full phonetic alphabet:

Page 2 - page 3

3. The Nonlen syllabary

I have also develpoed a syllabary containing a unique symbol for every possible syllable in basic Nonlen plus a symbol for each letter of the basic alphabet, using the same three-by-three grid.

There is a square and a more rounded form for every syllable.

As each symbol also has a meaning, the syllabary could also be considered to be a semanto-phonetic alphabet like the Chinese one.

The following five pages contain the complete syllabary:

Page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4 - page 5